The Area

People are the best commodity in Mineral County, home to the headwaters of the mighty Rio Grande. 96% of its land is held by the US Forest Service. Think of it! What a great backyard! The hiking, fishing, hunting, rafting...

Still, people are our greatest commodity. Maybe it's because there are so few of them. Real solitude on a mountain ridge is still possible in Creede, Colorado. Or enjoy our Main Street with its restaurants, shops and nationally recognized art galleries and repertory theatre.

squaw-lakeMeet some of the great people of this community. For instance:
Try the miners who have kept Creede's history alive with the Underground Mining Museum, or the people at Creede's schools who keep the community united while teaching our children. The curriculum is based on a one-on-one encounter with every student.

The flavor of our community is enhanced by people from all walks—both residents and those who visit this great town for a few days or many months. There is so much to explore, to learn and to be grateful for in Mineral County
…just ask a local, we love it here!


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